Primary News – January 2023


January was a busy month for primary. We had a few snow days, evaluations wrapped up, and so much learning happened!

The Creator and Explorer Crews worked on comparing length and height using standard and non-standard forms of measurement this month. Their letter of the week included C, O, I, and P. Centers this month were focused on carpentry and how Jesus grew to be a carpenter. Students learned strategies to help them calm down when they are upset. These strategies included taking deep breaths, where the calm down corner is, and what tools help them while they are there. Winter is the season of hibernation! They learned about how God designed animals for the winter. In their hibernation station, they learned about animals that hibernate and animals that stay awake in winter. Students helped the hibernating animals find a cozy place to sleep and even hibernated themselves (with a hibernation book).

Kindergarten learned about snow this month. The snow days were perfect timing. They discovered that snow is a blanket to the earth to keep it warm, snow cleans the air, snowflakes have three or six points, and each point is identical. Students observed snowflakes outside and had fun designing snowflakes using pattern blocks or marshmallows and toothpicks. Their creations were wonderful!

In math, first grade learned about ordering and sequencing, addition within the number 20 instead of just 10, and how to write number words. The order they used in math showed that we have a God of order! Science has been all about space. Next month, they will head to the planetarium to dive further into this topic. First graders are focusing on the attributes of God and learning about who God is and who we are because of who He is throughout this year. They finished learning about all of God’s different unique attributes, including which attributes that they can not have or be like. Next month, they will be focusing on God’s moral attributes and diving into each attribute more in depth. Phonics has included learning to read and write words with blends, nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Students also learned to read and write words with “mommy e”, for example, the word “make”.

Primary progress reports will be coming out soon.