High School News – November 2022


This month high school ended their first trimester just in time for Thanksgiving break. They had den activities, Christmas decorating, chapels on unity, and more experiences in November that are ones to remember.

In pre-calculus, students recently finished a project using trigonometric equations to model sound waves in music and dance and quickly realized how complex sound waves can become! They will be finishing up their unit on trigonometric functions, equations, and identities very soon as students focus on learning different identities to aid in solving complex trigonometric equations. In applications of math, students are working on a Thanksgiving Project to focus on connections within surface area and volume.  They are tasked with creating a dessert and using surface area and volume to predict how many servings they will have for Thanksgiving day. They also have to use cooking times for making the turkey to understand how long to cook different sized birds. Finally, to finish out their project, students created a shopping list and looked for the most economical way to buy their groceries. Geometry students began a unit on geometric figures to develop formalized proofs. They had to generate conjectures and learn how to use definitions, properties, and given information on geometric figures to organize arguments into logical proofs. Writing and organizing proofs not only deepens understanding of geometric concepts, but it also prepares students to understand how to create logical arguments in a variety of settings. In particular, geometry class discussed how this relates to their faith and understanding of the Bible. 

This month in Humanities: Civics and Social Systems, students shifted gears to take a look at the Roman Empire because last month they had been exploring the politics, culture, and philosophy of Ancient Greece. Both of these are foundational to the formation of the United States, and together these units are setting them up for a deep-dive into the founding of the United States, the writing of the Constitution, and the formation of our government. Students in Migration and Change, are preparing to emerge from the Dark Ages and the crusades into Renaissance Europe. Through these two historical periods, they are evaluating the substantial changes the world has undergone as it shifts into the modern era. They will be comparing and contrasting Renaissance art and philosophy to those of the Middle Ages, and will be using excerpts from Dante’s Inferno to showcase the religious rift that developed in Europe which ultimately led to the Reformations.

Way to finish the trimester strong, high school! Keep it up next trimester.