High School News – October 2023


October was packed full for high school. They finished out their soccer season, attended their first all-school chapel of the year, hosted their annual harvest party, and so much more.

Student Council put on the yearly high school harvest party. It was an awesome time with cornhole toss, an advisory pumpkin painting challenge, a huge bonfire, a delicious taco bar, and some insane fireworks. Despite the rainy weather, everyone had a blast!

Student Council elections were held this month. Congratulations to the newly elected high school representatives! One sophomore representative and two freshmen representatives were elected to represent their classes.

For chapel, high schoolers spent their time in Nehemiah chapter 3. In this section of scripture, Nehemiah gives credit to all of those who helped rebuild the wall in Jerusalem. Very few of the people who helped were experienced builders; some were jewelers, priests, perfumers, farmers, and various other professions. This highlights the commUNITY aspect of what was happening. Everyone pitched in because everyone benefited from and had ownership in the project being completed. Hard work and teamwork is essential to get where you want to be in life. No one makes it entirely on their own. Since everyone helped, the people were able to complete a massive project (2.6 miles long, 12ft high, and 8 ft wide) in a relatively short period of time, 52 days. Everyone who worked to complete this project is forever listed in scripture, reminding us that leaders should be giving ample credit to those who have helped complete the tasks set for them.

The first all-school chapel of the year was awesome! The high schoolers sat with their cubs and set a great example throughout the morning. The high school worship team led in some exciting songs followed by an exploration of “Earth Keeping” with Pastor Adalia. To begin, a few pairs of lions and cubs had the chance to act out different things that God made (mountains, elephants, ants, waterfalls, and more) while the rest of the students guessed what they were acting out. Students looked at Genesis chapters 1 and 2 to see what God says about His creation and what job He gave to people. Taking care of God’s creation is the first human responsibility mentioned in Scripture. He designed everything with so much creativity, purpose, and care. It’s all for His glory. We reflect God’s image when we take our job as earth keepers seriously and care for His good creation. Unfortunately, humanity does not always do a good job with this. Because of sin, we often choose to be selfish or careless with the resources we’ve been given, and our choices really hurt our planet. Brokenness is not the end of the story–God loves to take broken things and make them new. Because of what Jesus has done for us, we can have a relationship with God again, and we can have a new relationship with the earth. One day, all things will be renewed and redeemed. God is a great recycler!

The soccer schedule this month was full! Our team beat Laconia Christian School, 4-3, and Jesse Remington High School 3-2 and 3-0. Everyone played hard, despite being in new environments on unfamiliar fields. We are so proud of this team. Each game was truly a team effort, with each player playing their part, showing tenacity and composure. Mount Zion Lions ended the regular season ranked #1 in their division. They lost in the first round of playoffs by one goal, ending the season in 3rd place. Despite playing in the consolation game, they showed immense strength under pressure and won that game (against Laconia 3-1). This team truly lived out their motto of “One God, One Family, One Goal”.

What a welcomed sight it was to see all the grandparents and grandfriends this year! Our celebration this year had different activities including drawing grandparents, word searches, and interviews. Of course, there were delicious drinks and snacks available while everyone completed the activities. Our students were actively taking amazing pictures for the yearbook and capturing those special moments.

The yearbook team hit the ground running! They have been busy taking pictures, making flyers and announcements, as well as outlining the next edition of our MZCS Yearbook. We are excited to have forty-eight pages to tell of our 2023-2024 school story. This month, the team discussed pricing for the yearbook and looked at profit margins with a goal to purchase a quality camera. We can’t wait to see their progress next month!

Our seniors have been busily plugging away at all the senior tasks during Senior Seminar. They have been diligent in checking out colleges, filling out applications, requesting transcripts, and compiling references.

Our Algebra 1 class completed their unit on dilations, similar figures, and calculating slope. They learned how similar figures are dilations of one another. They then took the concept of similar triangles to gain an understanding of the slope of a line. Next, students learned about proportional relationships. They looked at tables, graphs, and equations of proportional relationships.

In Algebra 2, students studied the differences between linear and exponential equations. Each student completed a project on studying the caffeine intake of a friend or family member to show the exponential decay of caffeine in the body. This allowed students to provide mathematically-based recommendations for caffeine consumption during the day. It was certainly interesting seeing the connections between the time of caffeine consumption and sleep patterns! While studying exponential equations, the class practiced simplifying expressions involving exponents and radicals.  

Pre-Calculus students became experts on using sine and cosine to model periodic behavior. They worked on understanding and memorizing the unit circle. It was very exciting to see all the connections that students are able to make in the unit circle to trigonometry and geometry!  In Calculus, students built their knowledge and skills in working with limits. This understanding of limits proved to be incredibly helpful as they began their working on derivatives (or instantaneous rates of change) as they made the change in x approach zero in the slope equation. Using the Deerfield Fair ferris wheel equations their Pre-Calculus peers gathered last month, the Calculus class found the instantaneous velocity at different points on the ferris wheel ride. Mrs. Sanders was amazed to see the students build strong conceptual understandings and work through complex algebraic processes at this level of mathematics! 

Old Testament Theology students spent most of the beginning of the year looking at why our Old Testament can be trusted as a reliable and accurate source. They studied some of the history how it came to be the version that we know today, and how we can trust our current version to be accurate to the original writings of Scripture. Additionally, they discussed the creation account in detail in Genesis 1-3, and learned how to make sense of the seemingly conflicting stories between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Students talked about the main theological point in the book of Genesis as seen in chapter 3. Genesis has many points to make about life, but the main point is this: When people don’t listen to God and choose to redefine good and evil for themselves, it does not go well for mankind.

Apologetics class, or how to logically defend your faith in God class, began reading their books for the year. One is “The 10 Most Common Objections To Christianity” by Alex McFarland, and the second is “Reason For God” by Tim Keller. This month they looked at the logical issues with atheism and agnosticism. They studied clues for the existence of God in the existence of the world, the fine tuning of the universe (Anthropic Principle), the regularity of nature, beauty and meaning, and even the way our brains work and think. Students discussed the possible origins of moral rights (human legislation, nature, or a divine source) and again concluded that those inalienable rights could only have come from God. It was a remarkably fun experience to see these students and Pastor Matt work through some of the logical flaws in the way that we as a culture think, and doing a deep dive into some of the fundamental truths found in Scripture, supported by logic and science.  

Health class has been spending the first trimester talking about physical health. They learned how to read a nutritional label, spent time learning how to track calories and macronutrients consumed (protein, carbohydrates, fats), and set a health goal for themselves. For their big project, students had to track everything they consumed for three days. The goal was to help students understand exactly what they put into their bodies, and to make sure they can accurately track (to the best of their ability) what they actually consume.

New to us this year, is a Physical Fitness elective. This class focused on getting the proper form for the three big compound exercises: squat, bench press, and deadlift. They started with the bench press and then moved on to the deadlift, spent time mastering the basics of the safest way to perform each lift, and also learned the most effective alternative or supplemental exercises. Students also learned techniques for barbell squats and a handful of options for easier or harder variations to meet the students at their current level of experience. They had opportunity to calculate their macronutrients and caloric needs for their specific fitness goals, a great reinforcement to their health class curriculum.

Cookies, cannolis, salted caramel brownies, chocolate chip scones are among some of the recipes Baking class baked and explored this month. They kicked off their class exploring how ingredients are only as effective as the order in which they are used. They tested this fact by breaking into two groups using the exact same ingredients to create the same recipe. The results showed that when the process is followed in the correct order, it will yield the results desired. Because the baking class consists of both middle and high school students, conversations often lended to our high schoolers reminiscing and our middle schoolers asking questions about what’s next. We love that they have this opportunity to connect. This month, the class planned a special baking time to make some sweet treats to deliver to the newly-constructed Fire Station 9.  They loved getting to bless the firefighters!

The high schoolers taking art began their year by decorating their portfolios and creating biographical names where they turned each letter of their name into a drawing that had something to do with themselves: hobbies, favorite animals, etc. They spent a class going over several art styles, dissected their definitions, and talked about the subjects of the paintings/images. They are looking forward to seeing all of these things in action next month during their field trip.

Both high school Spanish classes started out the year discussing Sra. Rodríguez’s Deep Hope: “That we would joyfully explore and embrace the diversity God has created among peoples and languages.” After diving deep into what this means, students were invited to write their own deep hope for Spanish class. Both classes memorized our school’s theme verse for the year, Romans 12:12, in Spanish. Spanish A and B talked about the date and the weather, read and wrote stories together, learned a bit of history of a few Spanish-speaking countries, and researched outstanding Hispanic Americans during Hispanic Heritage Month. Spanish C, our 11th graders, also spent time conversing about the date and weather, practiced agreeing and disagreeing with each other. They also discussed what they might like to do when they finish school, and learned to name some professions and trades. They even learned how to play some games they will bring with them on the Dominican Republic missions trip in February. During Hispanic Heritage Month the students learned about Alberto Cortez, an Argentinian singer songwriter and his song about professions and growing up–Yo quiero ser bombero. The juniors also had the opportunity to play numbers bingo with the 5th graders. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Way to go high school! We can’t wait to see what you do leading up to the holidays.