Raising the Standard on Engaging Hearts and Minds

Your child will experience an excellent academic program grounded in scripture and be immersed in expeditionary learning experiences, where they will do real work for real people to meet a real need. Using best practices and the most up-to-date research, our curricula are continuously refined to meet the needs of our current student body ensuring your child is equipped to live out God’s unique purpose for them in their homes, churches, communities, and workplaces.


Small Class Size

Your child will be known and loved by our caring staff, who offer personalized support, encouragement, and authentic engagement.


Expeditionary Learning

Students develop strong critical thinking and ingenuity while serving the community through our hands-on approach to education.


Individualized Instruction

Your child’s unique learning styles are valued in every facet from our alternative seating options to personalized assessment methods that align with the way your child’s brain works best.


Welcoming Community

Enjoy rich fellowship and support among our diverse Christian community who shares your core family values.

Mount Zion Fosters Love, Responsibility, and Perseverance in Your Child

At its foundation, our academics are built upon our core values — known as the MZ WAYS — so that we help you to raise your child into a well-educated man or woman of God.

We live, move, and breathe these statements as a part of who we are and how we interact with God and each other. It is through MZ WAYS that we set goals and measure our growth as students, teachers, and followers of Jesus.

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Mount Zion Christian Schools

Primary School

Grades Pre-K - 1

Your child will flourish in our play-based academic program. Students engage in hands-on experiences that help them grow and eventually master a wide variety of early educational standards. In addition to core subjects, students enjoy weekly chapel, P.E., music, art, and library classes.


Your preschooler will thrive in our theme-based and multi-sensory approach to teaching new concepts. Lessons and activities are designed to activate multiple areas of the brain and engage your child with different learning styles while they play.


Kindergarten days are full of fun and learning through whole-group, small-group, and individual lessons, practice, and play. Your child will learn the MZ WAYS in an encouraging environment throughout all parts of their day.

First Grade

Students experience amazing growth in their reading and writing, develop a stronger number sense and knowledge of mathematical operations, and discover more about their world through science and social studies.

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Elementary School

Grades 2 - 4

Elementary students dive deeper into the core subjects of math, language arts, science, social studies, and Bible. Students enjoy chapel as well as special classes — such as P.E., library, music, and art — as they expand their learning and become prepared for middle school and beyond.

Eden Projects

Students begin to take ownership of their Eden Exposition project, which is a student-directed year-long project that nurtures creativity and hands-on learning.. Your children will begin to think critically about life and how they can use their strengths and gifts.. These incredible projects culminate with an opportunity for your student to present their project to parents, peers, and teachers at our Eden Exposition event.

Zion Den Activities

Mentorship is a great tool for empowering children to grow into leaders. In elementary school, your student will love the addition of “den activities” where kindergarten- through fourth-grade students are paired with older students for mentoring, working on projects together, and attending school-wide chapel services side-by-side.

Middle School

Grades 5 - 8

Your middle schooler will be provided with a challenging and encouraging environment that is sensitive to the unique developmental needs of students at this age. We aim to help students move along the continuum toward greater independence, giving them responsibility for their work and behavior. We value the need to take risks and do all work with excellence.

Your student will ease into middle school with self-contained classrooms in fifth grade, where students focus on core subjects and leave their homeroom for specials. In sixth through eighth grade, students travel to different classrooms for all subjects. Middle school offers plenty of time for community and fellowship, as students attend lunch, recess, chapel, and weekly meetings as a group.

Core Subjects

Through a combination of reading, writing, history, and hands-on art, students explore historical events and social issues by integrating historical novels, research, and writing projects. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively and to grapple with the material rather than learning solely by lecture. Instruction is expedition based where deeper thinking is valued more than surface-level fact recall.

Middle school students also take yearly math, science, and technology classes that include advanced math placement and coding opportunities to make sure MZCS students are ready for the 21st Century job market and post-secondary education.


Elective options include art, music, ukulele, and P.E. Seventh and eighth graders enjoy choosing from additional electives, such as baking, photography, worship, newspaper, sign language, crocheting, and kite making.

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High School

Grades 9 - 12

Your high schooler will benefit from the combination of the camaraderie of a family setting paired with the rigor of academic excellence and innovation. Faculty members not only teach content, but also take a personal interest in their students by getting to know them closely. Faculty provide individualized challenges in academics and each student’s walk with God. We will come alongside your child to teach life skills and act as spiritual mentors.


All students are required to take four years of coursework in English and humanities, science, math, and Bible and three years of a foreign language. All classes are offered at the standard and honors level, with an option to take Advanced Placement for Calculus.

Dual Credits and Internships

We partner with Colorado Christian University, Dordt University, and New Hampshire Community College System to provide our students with options for online dual credit courses. Additionally, we offer students opportunities for real-world experience and paid work-study through local businesses. Our on-site internships include Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Spanish internships.

Achieve Excellence in our Fully-Accredited Academic Programs

Your graduate’s diploma is recognized by colleges and universities, as Mount Zion is accredited through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Our students receive an education that meets or exceeds rigorous standards in 14 out of 14 categories of education.

16 Maximum Class Size

85% Of Graduates Attend a Competitive College

9:1 Student-Faculty Ratio

100% Qualifications met or exceeded for accreditation

Some Universities Our Graduates Proudly Attend

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