High School News – October 2022


This month high school has been enjoying the fall season while preparing for their student-led conferences. Our soccer season came to a close with our team placing fourth, and student council representatives were elected. PSATs and Senior Service Day were a success! Seniors built two picnic tables for the school while the rest of the high school took PSATs.

This month math has been all about sine waves, percentages, multi-step equations, rigid transformations, and water parks. Yes, you read that right. The applications of math class has been designing a waterpark and a kitchen renovation while the other classes have been making posters and flyers showing off the skills they have been working on.

Language learners are in the full swing of things. The in-person Spanish class dove into Hispanic Heritage Month and completed a project on outstanding Hispanics in the United States. Rosetta Stone learners have been continuing their learning path and logging their hours.

In biology, students have been diving into cells and how they function. While Mrs. Stuart isn’t quite Ms. Frizzle, biology students did use gummy bears for an experiment representing osmosis. Our chemistry class has been studying the periodic table and atomic structure. Up next for them is chemical bonds, chemical formulas and equations, reactions, and stoichiometry.

Ethics class has been studying the intrinsic value of people, where that value comes from, and why we as people seem to have a dual nature within us of good and evil.  Students have explored truths about our character, where it comes from, and how it influences us.  They also explored a deep dive into Galatians 5, the chiasm that exists there, and how the Fruit of the Spirit ties into their ongoing discussion of character. New Testament Theology class started by explaining where the New Testament works came from, how they are structured, and why they matter to us as Christians. They then started working through the book of Matthew.  The goal is to look not only at the central structure of the book, which was written around five main teachings of Jesus, but to see how students can apply His teachings to their lives in ways that fit with the first century understanding of Jesus’ words.  

This month in Humanities: Civics and Social Systems, students worked through the novel Lord of the Flies. They analyzed the leadership differences between the main protagonist and antagonist, using what they had talked about in class as the foundation for their analysis. In Humanities: Migration & Change, students read and performed the Shakespearean classic The Tragedy of Macbeth. They focused on the question of fate and whether Macbeth is a man who chose his own path (which is lead to his ruin…) or if he was destined for this path. They also attempted to apply this lesson to the role each of us has in navigating our own lives.

It has been a crazy busy month for high school. With the first trimester ending next month, they are still running and ready to finish well. Way to go high school!