High School News – February 2022


Now that college applications are submitted and more than half of the second trimester is under their belts, seniors continue to focus on fundraising for their end-of year activities.  The countdown is running.

Skiing and basketball contine for the month of February while the yearbook team captures this year in pictures and phrases.  We canโ€™t wait to see the final product.  

Language learners continue working on developing their written expression and fluency whether that is through in-person Spanish or online with one of 24 languages offered by Rosetta Stone Language Labs.

In Humanities our lower classmen are learning, writing, and reading about the Roman Empire.  Upperclassmen are reading literature from mid-century (20th) America and will be pivoting to the Civil Rights Movement soon.

In our STEM classes, high school students are doing a deep dive in forces and matter as we see the fingerprints of God in the world he made.  We are also learning more about how he brought order out of chaos by studying probability, quadratic equations, functions, and polynomials.