Primary News – February 2023


February was full of excitement, love, and learning. Primary students celebrated Valentine’s Day with their class, shared in some big accomplishments, and did some cool science experiments.

Our Creator Crew worked on their “Servant Worker” Formative Learning Experience (FLEx). They were so eager to help others and fix things in our school. A project they worked on was fixing all of the wobbly or loose chairs in the chapel. They also continued with their “Letters in Nature” FLEx. The Creator Crew was so absorbed in learning to observe and look closely through this FLEx that the phase, “Mrs. Pigeon, I noticed that….” could be heard continually throughout each day. Their letter recognition skills have grown by leaps and bounds and so has their enthusiasm for learning. Inspired by the pictures they saw of the Creator Crew, our younger preschool student (the Explorer Crew) asked if they could help too! They were excited to help carry their mats, just like the older students. Then, this class found out about another broken chair. The Explorer Crew students were beyond excited that they were able to help fix the chairs too! Everyone could see the excitement on their faces. It has been an exciting month of growth and overflowing joy in the preschool classroom as they learned how to be good neighbors and friends.

Kindergarten learned about penguins and the many adaptations they have to survive living in cold climates. They learned that penguins stay warm because they have a layer of fat under their skin called blubber and two layers of feathers. Penguins also huddle together to keep warm. Students did a science experiment to see how blubber keeps one warm. Kindergarteners put a hand in ice cold water and then put their hand in ice cold water with a blubber glove on. They were amazed that they could not feel the cold water with the blubber glove on their hand!

First grade went through a big transition this month. Students showed so much love for their teacher as she transitioned out of her position and as they transitioned being combined with second grade. They had lots of PJ Fridays, snacks, and completed worksheets this month. Ask your first grader a little about what they learned before they dive into the underwater ocean theme of second grade.

Primary progress reports came out this month.