High School News – September 2022


This week rounds out the fifth week of school for our high school. NWEA testing is done, PSAT testing is right around the corner, and ’tis the season for college fairs.

Soccer started last month. The team is working hard after losing most of their starters from last season. So far in the season they are 0-2, but are working great as a team and will start seeing some in the win column! Check the calendar to see when their next game is and come cheer them on!

Language learners have begun their in-person Spanish or online Rosetta Stone Language Labs classes. It is always a joy to sit and listen to so many different languages being spoken at once. All you can do is marvel at what God has created.

In science, they have been diving into the lens of science and the lens of faith. Students have been learning about the many times the two have seemed to contradict each other, but don’t, and how Special Revelation is different than General Revelation. Part of Mrs. Stuart’s Deep Hope is that the high school students are able, with support, to wrestle with the many attacks and criticism society will throw at them because of their faith.

Our high school worship team has been leading chapel this month. Like the soccer team, they lost many of their leaders so the new crew is stepping up, and they are doing a wonderful job. They also led the whole school in worship during our See You at the Pole event.

The high schoolers have been shown perseverance, effort & risk, love, excellence, and responsibility all month long. Well done!