Primary News – September 2022


During the month of September our primary school students have been busy learning their new school routines, getting to know their classmates, and learning about the treasure that God has for us, salvation.

Chapel has been all about mysteries! Each week students get to guess what the mystery item is. One week it was a backpack, another it was a coin. What items can you think of that represent one of the mysteries God shares with us?

The Wild, Wild West descended upon preschool! The Creator and Explorer Crews explored the west with a few fun dramatic play centers. They began their preschool journey donning their best western wear as they rode in a covered wagon, cooked around the campfire, and typed letters on a real typewriter at our Pony Express station. Students learned about Creation and how God made everything. Did you know that God made us and calls each of us His Masterpiece? They will explore what a masterpiece is throughout this year. This month was also spent learning about new friends and new routines. One of the favorite games they played helped them to learn what love looks like at school. The Creator and Explorer Crews sorted pictures of different choices. If it showed love, the picture went on a heart. If it did not show love, it went in the “trash.”

In kindergarten, students have been learning to read and write consonant-vowel-consonant words. They have been working hard on identifying the beginning and ending sounds of words and rhyming words. Our kindergarteners have been doing so well walking quietly through the hallways. Way to go kindergarten!

First grade has been working on their reading, writing, and arithmetic! They learned all about everyday heroes. Some of our fantastic parents came in to talk about their work, including nurses and police officers. Students kept the theme going throughout the month. Thank you to all of our local heroes!

Well done primary. We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do in October!