Elementary News – December 2022


December is a month of great excitement in Elementary. As students persevered to Christmas break, they enjoyed learning new concepts, celebrating Jesus’ birth, our annual Christmas concert, caroling at a local assisted living facility, and more!

Our second grade’s days focus on Jesus all year, and in December, they turned their attention to the gift of His birth! Mrs. Duffy and her students continued to dive into their Deep Hope- “That we’ll keep growing in knowing Jesus and showing God’s love” and expand their thinking about how they can support each other in achieving this goal of growing. Last month, they loved working with their lions in the school-wide project of making cheery placemats for residents of a nearby assisted living facility. This month, they got to join with first, third, and fourth graders to bring Christmas cheer to the residents by visiting their residence and caroling with them! When they got back to school, they enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies together. Second graders also worked on two and three digit addition and subtraction with regrouping and began to learn about fractions, too! When they researched the Macy’s parade last month, they learned that marionettes were the idea behind articulated floating balloons. This month, they experimented with articulation and created their own marionettes.

Third grade spent their days pretending they were trapped in a snow globe, making cards for assisted living residents, practicing their caroling, and wondering when Mrs. Simoneau’s baby would arrive! They got very creative while writing about how they would escape if they were trapped inside a snow globe. Some used hammers, some ate a whole bunch of snow, and others waited for rescue. For Christmas, they celebrated with a class breakfast.

In math, fourth grade focused on perimeter and area. By the end of the month, they knew how to find missing values and measurements. With Christmas fast approaching, students learned about the Biblical importance of Christmas and the timeline of Jesus’ birth. In the new year, fourth grade is getting a new co-teacher, Mrs. Cook! We are excited to welcome her back to MZCS in January.

Elementary, you continue to amaze us. Well done. Enjoy your Christmas break and we will see you in the new year!