Elementary News – February 2023


February was packed full of love, opportunities to serve, and lines-lots of lines. As elementary students geared up for break, they learned about the power of their words, God’s love, and the order of creation. It was so fun to see all of the MZ WAYS Award recipients at our All-School Chapel this month!

Our second grade was so excited to take turns helping in preschool this month! They loves when our middle school and high school lions visit them for den activities. Helping in preschool was a wonderful opportunity to reach out to younger kids at school as they grow in showing God’s love to others – not to mention, it was fun! Part of our Teaching for Transformation framework involves throughlines – central biblical concepts woven throughout our curriculum in all grades. This month, we focused on the throughline Order Discovering. Through second grade’s devotions, Bible readings, and work in other subjects throughout the year, they continued to discover God’s plan for order in His creation of the seasons and time, design of the universe and placement of Earth within it, and the design of and interrelationships among weather, plants, animals, and people. They’ve discovered order in the way numbers work and in understanding increasingly more complex math concepts and patterns. Their next unit is all about God’s design for the human brain, and how His design and the functions of this amazing organ help us discover, once again, that God is indeed a God of order. Second grade counted combinations of coins and dollars in math this month. They continued building their understanding of multiplication, and played and worked together to grow in knowing lots of multiplication facts. They also continued to grow in writing paragraphs, and learned about capitalizing proper nouns.

Third grade worked hard all month long writing personal narratives. In math, they worked on multi-digit multiplication and division. Wow, was that a lot of work. Do you remember long division? At the end of the month, the class said, “see you around” to Mrs. Glasier. Mrs. Simoneau comes back from her maternity leave after vacation!

Fourth grade created Piet Mondrian Art to learn about perimeter and area at the beginning of February. Mrs. Cook then taught a unit on lines, line segments, and angles, while Mrs. Swist worked on fractions with the students. On Valentine’s Day fourth graders did some sweet graphing, grammatical and sensory poetry, practiced their cursive skills before enjoying ice cream floats. They will continue their study on New Hampshire, the Revolutionary War, Bible character sketches, and the MZ WAYS next month.

Wow, elementary, you had a busy month! We are so proud of you.