Elementary News – November 2022


The fall train kept on chugging in elementary this month! Excitement grew each day as students learned and played as the month ended with Thanksgiving break.

Second grade’s study of apples led naturally to learning about the life cycle of corn, pumpkins, and beans. They then learned how important these foods were to the Wampanoag and Pilgrim people long ago, and studied the many uses of these plants today. Students learned that corn is used in over 4,000 products, including crayons! Did you know that? In math, they worked hard to solidify their skills in adding two-digit numbers with regrouping. Second graders continued refining and building their skills in telling time, place value, and skip counting, and began creating their sticker zoo creatures as they become math fact masters. Their writing lessons have moved into paragraph writing. They are learning about the parts of a paragraph, beginning to write paragraphs, and continuing to expand their sentences with interesting adjectives and adverbs. So many second graders are writing their names in cursive now, and enjoy challenging themselves to read their class Bible verses in cursive. They will start officially learning to write in cursive in a month or so! Second grade learns about Thanksgiving in November, including lots of discussion, reading, and prayer about thanking God for all He’s provided for us, and exploring ways we can share God’s love with others. They ended the month researching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and even created their own model parade balloons!

In third grade, students put on a culture fair for parents and other students to come see their hard work. This project focuses on each student’s heritage and culture. They got to show off their five paragraph informational essays. Students also learned subtraction with regrouping. They even started economics. We can’t wait to see the fun they have with this next month!

Fourth grade continued their study of mapping and New Hampshire geography. They also wrapped up their study of energy by building paper roller coasters. It was so much fun! They focused on the apostle Paul and the importance of prayer. They learned that he often used the phrase “so that”. Can you think of a place in the Bible where Paul does this? Students looked in depth at some types of animal defense mechanisms. The narrative drafts they started last month are finished! They got to introduce themselves through a story. Fourth graders learned all of the different parts that make a good narrative. They are looking forward to writing many more narratives throughout the year.

Way to go, elementary! We will see you for trimester 2.