Primary News – October 2022


During the month of October our primary students have been exploring farms, food, and feasts! It has been so fun watching them grow in their routines and learning over the past month.

The Creator and Explorer Crews have been learning about many different animals on the farm. They have especially enjoyed being able to comb and card wool after learning how a sheep’s wool is turned into yarn. They also learned that Jesus is our good shepherd who takes care of us, just like a shepherd takes care of sheep. Students are learning how to follow directions, follow the rules, and follow the Good Shepherd so they can be like him.

In kindergarten, it has been all about apples! Students learned the parts of an apple, made a craft labeling each part. They even got to put their tastebuds to the test when they tasted three different kinds of apples. After they got to taste some, our kindergarteners used their senses to come up with words to describe it.

First grade has been busy learning about number sentences, how to make them, how to complete them, and how to solve them. Students have learned how to read and write words with -sh, -th, -ck, and -ch. They also started to learn what a sentence needs and how to write one properly. They started their Thanksgiving unit working on a big writing project and a book about Thanksgiving. In Bible, they have been busy diving into the attributes of God. Some of the attributes they have looked at this month include Eternal, Self-Sufficient, Omniscient, and Omnipotent. 

Way to go primary! We cannot wait to see what you learn next month.