Elementary News – September 2022


This week our elementary students are rounding out their fourth week of school. They are starting to learn about their teachers’ Deep Hope for the year. Curious what this is? Ask your child!

Mrs. Duffy has the Deep Hope that her second graders would keep growing in knowing Jesus and showing God’s love. Since the start of school, they have been brainstorming ways to show God’s love and discussing many Bible lessons. Also in second grade, for math and science they have been exploring place value and the power of water. Their science journals are starting to fill up as they experiment and continue to work on sentence structure and paragraph writing.

In third grade, one of the most exciting projects of the year is beginning–the annual Culture Fair! This month, students have started conducting their research. Science has been all about failing, yes, you read that right. Learning why failure in science specially is important! They have been practicing asking questions, making predictions, and engaging in engineering practices. Did you know the Bible is full of God’s promises? Third grade is learning all about them and how they were fulfilled!

Fourth grade is ready to find the treasure! In line with our school-wide theme verse this year, fourth grade is learning about maps and how to find a specific location. Students can tell you all about the Prime Meridian and the Equator. They can also describe how poetry is a tool used to create a picture in the reader’s mind and all about the characteristics of poetry.

Elementary students have had a great start to the school year. Way to go elementary, keep up the great work!