Elementary News – October 2022


The apple theme continued from September to October! Elementary had an action packed month full of fun, laughter, and some serious hard work.

Second grade learned about apples this month. How amazing that there’s so much to learn about something they were already familiar with! They learned about the life cycle, tying their study into learning about trees, chlorophyll, deciduous and evergreen trees, soil, photosynthesis, farming, pollination and pollinators, seeds, maps, geography, and research and writing. Second grade’s read aloud book this month was about a girl who loves doing science experiments. One of her experiments was about preserving food. Students used some of her ideas and some of their own to make predictions about how they could best preserve apples and keep them from turning brown. That led to learning about oxidation, and they designed and carried out some interesting experiments. They made apple sauce and shared it with their first grade friends, and had so much fun sharing a special Apple Day with third grade which was full of science, crafts, and fun! Second grade asked Mrs. Buck to help them learn about shading and blending techniques, which they tried out on their own projects and then used what they had learned to create a shared class tree project. Who knew God’s gift of tasty, crunchy apples could lead to so much learning!

In third grade, students have been focused on their culture fair project. Next month, they will put on an exhibition for parents and other students to come see their hard work. This project focuses on each student’s heritage and culture. They will get to make food from the country they are studying, make a trifold poster, and maybe even dress in native-like clothing! Along with this project, third grade has been busy finishing their study of apples. With second grade, they got to celebrate Apply Day with a bunch of fun activities!

Fourth grade is energized! They have been doing several experiments focusing on energy and energy transfer/transformation. They have also continued their study of mapping and New Hampshire geography. In Bible they have been looking at the Omni characteristics of God. Ask your fourth grader about these! Students have rounded out their month working on a draft of their own narrative stories.

Wow, elementary! You rocked it this month. We can’t wait to see what you do next month.