Elementary News – January 2023


January was full of fun, newness, skiing, and writing! Our downhill and cross country skiing programs began at the beginning of the month. It has been so much fun to see our elementary have so much fun while learning.

Our second grade continued to work on paragraph writing. They learned about animals that hibernate, and about the Arctic. They worked on a shared research project about polar bears, and everyone completed their own book based on their research. Second graders also learned about proper nouns, and continued their word study to help with their reading and spelling. They had fun learning about perimeter, area, more about telling time, and have gotten really good at counting the value of a collection of coins. They continued building their understanding of multiplication, and are excited to build their multiplication skills. Students have been focusing on second grade’s deep hope of growing in knowing Jesus and showing God’s love all year. This month, they reached out to other classes and practiced showing God’s love in different ways, doing real work for real people. It’s been so great to see them have fun while showing God’s love and helping others! There are a few awesome projects in the works – check back in the next few months to see how they’ve been growing in our deep hope.

Third grade worked hard at learning all about multiplication this month. They created their own class chart with arrays and looked at the patterns found within the chart. Students discovered that because of the commutative property half of the math facts are the same, so learning the facts was cut in half which was great news for all! They also wrote their own personal narratives. This has been such a good experience for learning to narrow down the details. They talked about watermelon stories vs. seed stories. Watermelon stories include everything that happened (the whole trip to Disney World) and seed stories describe only a small event (the funny hippopotamus at Animal Kingdom). It has been such fun learning about each of them and reading about their experiences.

Fourth grade worked on research skills and how to cite sources. They wrapped up writing a choose your own adventure on animal defenses this month. The adventures they came up with were so fun! In Bible, they talked about ways we can trust God, including how He shows us that He can be trusted. We love seeing classes discuss how we can place our trust in a sure and steadfast God! This month, fourth grade went through a teacher change; we are so proud of how they have taken it in stride.

We are amazed by you, elementary! Way to go this month. We can’t wait to see what you do next month.