Our Basketball program focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual aspect of our student athletes.  Without these three being addressed and cared for, we are just raising our kids to learn that if  we don’t win, we’ve failed.  Our goal is to work hard, strive to do things right, and get better every day.  We encourage our players to not compare themselves to others, but to be the best athlete that God made them to be.  We focus on playing to our strengths while working on improving our  weaknesses.  In basketball, as in life, we all have our different roles and it’s up to us to play that role to the best of our ability in order to be a cohesive team and be successful.   

Athletics are an opportunity to develop in emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual well-being.  Participation is an extension of the academic program at Mount Zion and is secondary to academic responsibilities. Athletics is one of the many means of discipleship that the school uses to bring students to a deeper relationship with Christ. Participating in a sport provides daily opportunities for students to grow in their walk with Christ by experiencing struggles, failures, successes, and relationships through a Biblical framework.