Preparing students for an unknown future requires that we do school differently than last century.  Mount Zion has embraced the use of technology since its inception in 2004 as the first 1:1 laptop Christian school in New England.  Our use of technology is a vastly different experience than the all too typical computer as electronic workbook model.


Here at Mount Zion, our 3-year-old and 4-year-old preschool programs begin to lay a solid foundation of skills and character in our youngest students. Just a glimpse into our preschool room at Mount Zion and you will begin to see how much fun learning can be!


The elementary grades at Mount Zion Christian Schools begin the foundation your child needs as he or she becomes a life-long learner. Our instructional model allows time for expeditionary learning and helps your child discover and master the basic skills necessary--all through the lens of a Biblical worldview. In a Mount Zion elementary classroom you will find a broad range of teaching practices, including methods to reach all types of learners. We believe in finding what works and using best practices within our day to help our students achieve more than they would from a lecture or worksheet.

Middle School

Middle school is an exciting time!  At Mount Zion we create an environment that is challenging, structured, and loving.  We have adopted the Expeditionary Learning model. Students are involved with interdisciplinary learning and skills development in authentic ways.

High School

Our high school learning program brings together the components of modern learning in a structured setting where exploration of individual interests is encouraged and innovation is celebrated. Mount Zion was one of the first BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) schools in the nation by embracing a platform independent laptop program in 2004. The high school program provides rigorous college-prep curriculum meeting NEASC Accreditation standards. Classes are leveled to meet the needs of individual students and offer honors credit.