Students connect with Jesus regularly throughout the day at Mount Zion.  The day starts with prayer, classes start with prayer and we are cognizant of God's presence and sovereignty in all we do.  This means we see God's hand not only in science where we explore his creation, but in the beauty of math, in history (His story) and literature.  All students take Bible class and in the high school spiritual formation is an elective.  Students have chapel every week and 5 times a year all the schools come together to share in an all school chapel experience.

Mount Zion exists because a group of parents did not feel that losing the opportunity for Christian schooling was an acceptable option.  Our mission statement is "Mount Zion Christian Schools provide an academically challenging, Christ-centered community that equips students with a Christian world-view grounded in the scriptures to achieve excellence in God's unique purpose for them."

Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith lays out the beliefs we hold and share.

Community Life Statement

Our community life statement identifies how our beliefs dictate our walk of love and truth.

Bible Verses

Our mission statement can be summed up in four words that describe who we are.

They are Destiny, Family, Truth and Excellence.  Each has a matching Bible verse.