Middle School

Middle school is an exciting time! Students experience more growth and development at this age than any other, with the exception of infancy. As a staff, we recognize the unique struggles and characteristics of the students as learners. We create an environment that is challenging, structured, and loving.

We aim to provide students an education with a well-rounded Christian view of the world. As our students experience God’s love throughout their middle school years, they learn to love one another, honoring relationships, modeling servant leadership, and what it means to live a life that is pleasing to God.

As a school we have adopted the Expeditionary Learning model. Students are involved with interdisciplinary learning and skills development in authentic ways.  This type of learning can, at times, involve work within the community beyond the classroom walls. This exploration of real-world learning challenges students to arrive at potential solutions and to take the lead in becoming leaders of their own learning.